Calories consumed: 2300 (or more).

Going to Wonder La, running around for rides, climbing up for water rides, laughing so much I cried with friends, jumping around in wave pools, and general good memories: Unaccountable.

No regrets.

But it does mean I have to eat a lot more carefully this week, given that it’s going to be a really stressful and exciting one (very important job interview, parents coming over for a huge family celebration, submissions for college) and I don’t know how regular I’ll be able to be with activity. I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes!



Guess who swam 550 metres (that’s 50 metres more than last night!) almost without stopping, finally seems to be getting the hang of freestyle, and enjoyed the most delicious filter coffee afterwards?

Filter Coffee
Filter Coffee. One of life’s small joys.

-sighs with contentment-

Its also been a really solid day eating-wise. I did eat my favorite strawberry muffils but it was bookended by masala omelette and sambhar-vada, leaving a very decent number of calories for dinner. I love how with calorie counters, I don’t need to worry too much about enjoying a little chocolate or a treat – as long as everything else is on track. I don’t feel constantly hungry and deprived either. I also had a really enjoyable time on the blogosphere, interacting with people about all manner of things that I can’t when I’m not anonymous: illness, birds, and body image.

I also think I should go buy some fruits now, especially to eat over the weekend, because we’re probably going to have a holiday on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Unfortunately the pool is going to be closed for the next two days as well. I’m going to miss it. Might even have to go for a run!

And that’s a wrap folks. Hopefully I’ll be able to use this weekend to learn how to eat better even when tempted by alcohol and company.

-goes back to enjoying bangalore weather and college work-

Swimming. Dosa. Bliss?

Swimming. Dosa. Bliss?

So today I couldn’t get anyone to come swimming in the afternoon (so many commitments!) so I did other work in the afternoon (including writing this blog). But then people wanted to go in the evening – Vijayanagar Swimming Pool also has a slot from 7:15 to 8:05 or so – and I was, obviously, in.

This is the first time I’ve gone in the night. Its definitely more expensive: thrice the afternoon rate. Its also more crowded. I’m going to try and go in the afternoon but honestly I so needed this. I now feel refreshed and rejuvenated and alive. Plus the pool looked really pretty in the night.

Night Swim
The pool at night.

Sorry for the terrible quality – apparently, you’re not actually supposed to take pictures there (err … not exactly a policy I mind). I swam about 500 metres – stopping only for breathing breaks for 20 breadths. 30 minutes or so. I feel so pleasantly sore now. Though I would love to be better (already, my mind is moving to competitive swimming), I know that I have to take it slow and enjoy it and not behave like I have something to prove to anyone except myself. The exercise is the crucial part.

Also, luckily, today was dosa day in the mess for dinner. We came back just in time for dinner and enjoyed a repast. I love how dosa is so easily incorporated into a healthy diet – it’s delicious, low-cal, eaten with nutrient rich sambhar, and … did I mention delicious? I struggled a bit at the end of two dosas because I was still ravenous (gah, wasting calories on empty carbs earlier in the day) so I had curd – but since I couldn’t stomach eating it plain a “spoonful of sugar made the medicine go down”. Absolutely delicious meal.

Dosa Dinner
Mess food. Not totally terrible.

I think maybe when I think of living a fit, healthy college life, I’m thinking of days like this.

Now to get some work done.