Why be Healthy in Bangalore (or anywhere else)?

Why be Healthy in Bangalore (or anywhere else)?

I’ve always believed that resolutions work better when you work out the why not just the how of what you’re doing. I’ll write about the why of a lot of things at some point (why calorie counting, why exercise … ) but I think at first I think I’d like to explore why I want to be healthy at all.

For My Present Self

I want to be able to enjoy my college life. I don’t want to think twice about walking 7km just talking with a friend (happened recently) or running around trying to catch a metro on MG Road, or running up the steps to the newest quirky restaurant on Churchstreet. If I’m huffing and puffing, neither I nor any of my friends will be able to enjoy these experiences optimally, which would really suck.

For My Future Self

So I can race up the stairs to meetings, play with my future children, and go on exciting treks for vacations. I want to free myself from the tyranny of bad genes that put me at a high risk of diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac failure (among other things).I want any children I have to see and emulate a naturally healthy life rather than seeing a general state of malaise that is then punctured by random and unhealthy diets and exercise. I want to, if at all possible, give them the gift of a positive body image. Hell, I want to give myself that.  I know a lot of these things may not work out anyway. I may be hit by a bus. I may develop cancer. My kids may hate their bodies, or me, or everything. But I want to be able to give us all a chance.


I want to look toned. I have no great hopes of looking very slender, because I don’t think I’m built like that (and it isn’t my preferred aesthetic in any case), but I’d love to look curvy and muscular.

To look like Beyonce.
To look like Beyonce.

For the Ancillary Benefits

To walk into a clothing store and always find my size. To be able to not think so much about what I want to eat because the better choices have all been internalized. To be able to enjoy the career benefits of being fit. To be able to enjoy the romantic benefits of being fit. To be able to feel good about myself and therefore be more confident about everything I do. To be able to look into a mirror uncritically. (I know that losing weight alone won’t do any of these things … that’s why this blog is for physical and mental health).

Saturday morning musings.


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