Stair Fitness

Stair Fitness

This is the way I measure my fitness level: the three flights of stairs up to my hostel room. If I can make it without panting or a noticeable increase in heart rate, I’m good.

Why yes, my standards are very low.


2 thoughts on “Stair Fitness

  1. I decided this week that the lift at work is out of bounds and I’m going to take the stairs… 4 flights… by 3 I’ve had enough and thankfully the shame of taking the lift up the final flight forces me to crawl the rest of the way!


    1. Haha, I’ve realized over the past couple of weeks that I’ve become super lazy about climbing up the stairs to class. Thankfully in the hostel there is no option, or I’m sure I’d take the stairs here too. Maybe from next week I can adopt your resolution!

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