Guess who swam 550 metres (that’s 50 metres more than last night!) almost without stopping, finally seems to be getting the hang of freestyle, and enjoyed the most delicious filter coffee afterwards?

Filter Coffee
Filter Coffee. One of life’s small joys.

-sighs with contentment-

Its also been a really solid day eating-wise. I did eat my favorite strawberry muffils but it was bookended by masala omelette and sambhar-vada, leaving a very decent number of calories for dinner. I love how with calorie counters, I don’t need to worry too much about enjoying a little chocolate or a treat – as long as everything else is on track. I don’t feel constantly hungry and deprived either. I also had a really enjoyable time on the blogosphere, interacting with people about all manner of things that I can’t when I’m not anonymous: illness, birds, and body image.

I also think I should go buy some fruits now, especially to eat over the weekend, because we’re probably going to have a holiday on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Unfortunately the pool is going to be closed for the next two days as well. I’m going to miss it. Might even have to go for a run!

And that’s a wrap folks. Hopefully I’ll be able to use this weekend to learn how to eat better even when tempted by alcohol and company.

-goes back to enjoying bangalore weather and college work-


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