Hungry kya?

Hungry kya?

I think I started this blog because I’m super hungry.

I’ve counted calories a few times during my college life – largely in a disordered manner, I believe (going lower than a 1000 calories a day, obsessively counting every calorie, binge eating when not recording stuff on to the counter) – but I think now that I’m finally in a happy and healthy place, I can try calorie counting again in order to learn a bit about what a real healthy meal size looks like (because I am beginning to believe I have absolutely no idea).

So, 1550 calories a day doesn’t look like it’s a small amount – until you start eating junk (my current poison: Britannia’s Muffils – 150 calories of pure yumminess).

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 5.32.16 pm
MFP Log.

As you can see, its not been an ideal day food wise (though, for example, the Starbucks muffin is a Nandini muffin you get in our canteen with the same calories – and the small blueberry muffin is a muffil – thats a little too much muffin for one day, I think). The stats (not the calories, which I check, but the sugar and carbs and fat) might be off a bit because of my just picking a similar option on myfitnesspal, but nonetheless, its been a sugary and carby day. Which would explain why I am, at 5:30, ravenously hungry and with just enough calories left over for dinner (that too, post swimming).

I think maybe I’ll get some yoghurt – my new favorite snack, given the low calorie content and high protein that keeps me full for hours. Yum. Mother Dairy Dahi Packet FTW.


7 thoughts on “Hungry kya?

      1. Good, you have no access to a kitchen! Hence, no temptation. Incidentally, and you should Not emulate me, we stocked up on food, fried crispies etc. in hostel for just such a time 🙂


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